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    XD error 1001


      I try to use the share function in XD and it gives me an error 1001

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          sylvaing Adobe Employee



          We recommend you try these steps:


          “You need to be signed in…” OR any other error code between 1000 and 2000 (including 1001, 1067, 1080)

          This is generally due to a problem with your Creative Cloud login state. Follow these steps to try to resolve the problem:

          1. Quit Adobe XD.
          2. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud app from your Applications folder (or click on the Creative Cloud icon in your menubar if it’s already running).
          3. Click the gear icon in the upper right and choose “Preferences…”
          4. Click the “Sign Out” button.
          5. After signing out, sign back in again.
          6. Restart Adobe XD and try sharing again.


          From Troubleshooting sharing errors in Adobe XD

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            What happens if you do this (several times) and you keep getting the error message?