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    Help required setting up a 266 page document for a hard back book please..

    Zav Level 1



      I am setting up a document for a 266 page hard back book, and have a couple of questions.


      1) How would I know if I am to use facing pages or not? The book jacket will be printed separately. I imagine that I should not use facing pages and leave page 1 blank? Page 2 and 3 will be single spot colours, page 4 will be blank and page 5 will show the first detail.


      2) I would like the book numbering to start on page 5. How can I tell InDesign to ignore the first 4 pages and effectively begin page 5 as 'Page 1'?


      3) When I come to export the document, will I export the document as single pages for print with bleed, or double pages spreads? I imagine it will be as single pages.



      Any help greatly appreciated..