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    Flash player dont work


      I download the Flash Player from https://get.adobe.com/cz/flashplayer/download/?installer=FP_21_for_Firefox_-_NPAPI&os=Wind ows%208.1&browser_type=Gecko&browser_dist=Firefox&a=Intel_True_Key&p=mdual,mss&dualoffer=f alse&mdualoffer=false I run the installation client and after instalation it´s write that I installed it but things that wants flash player dont work and on one webpage it writes that I have flash player version 0


      I installed it many times and dont work please help



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          I have the same problem. I have tried everything to fix it but Flash Player updated about a year ago and has not worked since.

          There is no hope or help from Adobe. They throw this crap out there and everyone is supposed to make it work. I hate it.


          Today it is AGAIN displaying the demand to access my camera. I don't have a camera, but that is not an option. I don't need a camera to play video in you tube, but Adobe demands one every time I try to play a video in Facebook, or any attachment.


          I don't work for Adobe. I'm not willing to "just keep trying" to make their product work. It's a failure. They don't care, it works for their purposes.