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    Edited Text Disappearing


      I have Acrobat DC.  When I edit text, save and close and then reopen, some of the edited text cannot be seen.  If I highlight the area, and change the text to bold, it reappears, but this happens every time I save and close.  How do I stop this from happening.  I have checked my Adobe Cloud program, and I am current on updates.

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          Sarojini.Nagar Adobe Employee

          Hi Laura McPhee,


          Could you please let us know the adobe application you are using and also the OS version on the system?

          Try repairing the installation by navigating to Help>Repair installations.

          Also does this happen with a specific file or with all the files?

          Test with other files also .


          Let me know.




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            lauram45163749 Level 1

            Hi Sarojini,


            I have Acrobat as part of the Creative Cloud - it says Acrobat DC.  My operating system is Windows 7 Professional.  It happens with multiple files that originate from someone else.  I've tested in at least three different files (they all originated from separate sources), and it happened with all three.  It won't always happen, though.  I had been working in a file for several days without it happening, but once it starts happening, it continues to do so.  What other information do you need to know?


            Thank you