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    Arabic/Hindi digits

    Suzan.V Level 1

      Hi all,


      i'm wondering if it is possible to make a code can change all numbers on file to Arabic numbers like (0123) and another one can change all digits to Hindi like (٠١٢٣)


      Thanks in advance

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          Russ Ward Level 4

          Hi Suzan.V,


          It is definitely possible. You could do it with a basic search and replace, I think. Or, you could iterate over text directly and do the replacement at a character level. You did not specify whether you want to use FDK or ExtendScript, each of which has differing capabilities with regard to byte-level character manipulation.


          That answers your question "is it possible." If were also expecting someone to post a script, that is a different story. There have been threads about search and replace on this forum... I would suggest starting there if you need ideas.



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            Suzan.V Level 1

            Dear Russ,


            thanks for your reply, actually i have many files with Farsi digits and i need to change those digits to Arabic then another time to Hindi so Find/Replace process will take much time to do it


            i was think about ExtendScript would help me a lot about that