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    referencing a button as an object

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      How do I reference a button as an object, so I can use it in a variable?

      Thank you!
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          shyaway Level 1
          sound like you're unfamiliar with programming basics

          an object is like a blueprint. To use it, you have to make an instance of it. Call it a copy if you like.

          What you see on stage is not a object. it is an instance of the object.

          confused yet? if so, read again until you understand

          what you can do with the instance depends on how you built the object. any changes to the instance will not change the orginal object itself. you're just changing the copy of the original, that is.

          and if you still don't understand... i'd recommend picking up a programming book on object oriented programming (OOP) or you can search the web and learn from there. Understanding the basics is very important.