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    SWF file too large?

      I'm creating a very simple 1 page flash site but I guess it's a little large @ 1.5mb.
      It's got some animations that last 12 seconds total (but looped) and the page size is around 900x400pixels.
      I uploaded the html & swf files onto Yahoo SmallBusiness Webhosting server but when I try to view it there's nothing, just a blank screen.
      So just to see if the cause is the large file size, I shrunk the swf file down to 400kb and it worked, but the size of the image is 1/4 of the original and therefore it's useless.
      What should I do? Is 1.5mb too large of a swf file? Or maybe I need to upgrade my webhosting plan to a more professional plan with bigger file size capabilities? I currently have Yahoo SmallBusiness Starter plan.
      Can anyone help me out?