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    Help please! AIR, iFrames and me

    James Minor
      I'm busting my brain on this problem, but can't figure out what it is I'm doing wrong. Hopefully I'll explain this properly so someone can help me!

      I'm trying to build a basic AIR application for my students so they don't have to use the college's complicated system. I've built a basic, no-frills page in Dreamweaver that has an iframe in the center for content. Below this is several buttons that link to pages on my own server and on the college server, targeted to the iframe. I turn this Dreamweaver page into an AIR application and everything seems to work beautifully EXCEPT two problems:
      1. If the external page in the iframe has a SWF file, I get the "Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player" error. This is frustrating as I'd like to have my lectures come up as a SWF.
      2. I can't get AIR to download files. For example, I want to link to the "Download Adobe PDF" from AIR for students who may not have this software. Whenever I click on a download link from within AIR nothing happens.

      Keep in mind that all of this works properly if viewed from a regular browser, i.e. Safari or Firefox, so it's something I'm not doing in AIR. Any help ASAP would be most appreciated! Classes start next week!!