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    Exporting documents as images from InDesign isn't working


      So I have this newsletter I've made, and I'm trying to export the pages as jpegs. I go through the motions, File>Export>Choose my location, choose jpeg, then click export. The strange issue I'm having is that it will say it's exported, but the images will not show up in the location I exported them to. I tried multiple times and chose a different location, and chose a png file format. Nothing. I opened my document's PDF version and tried saving the pages as jpegs from Acrobat. Same thing. It goes through the process as if it's saving my images, and they aren't in the folder I exported them to afterwards. I restarted my computer, but I don't think that matters?


      I'm using a Mac Mini on OS 10.11.3 and Adobe Creative Cloud. If anyone can help me troubleshoot this it will be much appreciated. I'm currently at work, and I'd rather avoid our IT department because the company I work for is 98% PC users so the IT guys really don't know that much about Macs and they also know nothing about the Adobe programs.