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    Determine document size for Publish Online

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,


      I want to publish a short, 2 to 6 page online monthly magazine, with pictures and perhaps video, that give more information regarding our tours that are published in ebook form and available through the iBook Store and soon to be available for Android.  I want to publish this magazine through the Adobe Publish Online feature and send it to our Facebook page and website.  It will give us a chance to tell people what we hope they will get from our tours and let them know in advance if special events are coming up.  Our tours are not your typical tour, but are very in-depth tours that include activities and many different added articles that help the tourist gain special insight into the area they are visiting. 


      I'm sure that people with iPads, Phones, and computers with be reading the magazine (I HOPE!), and I'm not sure what size I should make the InDesign document so that it can be easily read on all of those devices.  Also, do I have to size the photos to any specific size?  If I design for print and then send to Publish Online, will Publish Online automatically resize everything for the web versions? 


      Where can I go to get further information on using Publish Online so that I do all of this correctly and don't have to do it twice!  I assume I'm in the correct forum for this question.  Thanks.