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    Lightroom won't start




      I am having issues with launching lightroom on my Windows 10 machine


      I have tried the sign out sign in fix multiple times but it didnt work

      I have also tried to rename the SLCache and SLStore folders but that didnt work

      I have also uninstalled and re-installed but that didnt work (on a side note, when i tried to uninstall, CC said lightroom was running but there wer no tasks in Task Manager - i had to restart my machine before i could uninstall. This tells me that lightroom starts but it never actually comes up)


      I am running CC

      I have updated Lightroom to the latest version but it still doesnt work


      This does not affect photoshop or acrobat, but affects lightroom and InDesign


      Could you please advise what i need to do to get lightroom working again?