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    No editing choice


      When I go on Adobe Acrobat Pro PC I have edit file on right,  When I click on it there is no way to actually edit the file.

      What am I missing

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          sukritd Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi ,


          I hope you have licensed your product.

          If not kindly do that.

          Also what tool do you want to use to edit the file?

          Please tell the OS you work on.

          Try to update Acrobat to the latest patch and see if that helps.

          If there is any error message or prompts or pop ups,kindly share the screen shots.



          Sukrit Dhingra

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            CtDave Level 5

            "Edit" of PDF is not the same as "edit" with a word processor. PDF is *not* a word processing file format (see ISO 32000).

            That no apparent change happens to the PDF page in view when you call up Acrobat's "Edit" is indicative an image of text being presented (e.g., the output from a scanner). To edit an image you'd have to export it to, say JPEG, and use an image editor.

            In the PDF you could use Acrobat Pro's ClearScan to provide an output that you can touchup with Acrobat's tools or export to TXT, RTF, DOC or DOCX for any serious word processing edits. When done with that simply output a fresh PDF.


            Be well...