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    Problem using Lightroom to project images at a consistent size

    bernieraffe Level 1

      I'm shortly to present a talk, where I'll be showing off many jpgs, they'll be projected, and I'll be using the Lightroom 'full size' option (Key 'F') to display the images.


      Many of the images are old and vary in sizes, the minimum size is 1024 wide, some are much larger. I've imported the images exactly as they are, without re-sizing, and I'd like to be able to display them all at 1024 width, so that they are all projected at the same width. Trouble is I can't seem to get it right in Lightroom.


      I set the Standard preview size to 1024 width and I hoped that they would all be displayed at the same width, but no, the larger images display larger than the 1024 ones (so when they are projected they would extend beyond the screen)


      Hope I'm explaining this properly and that someone can help out.