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    Why can't I import Nikon NEF files into Lightroom 6?


      I purchased Lightroom 6 recently, and it's now upgraded it to the latest version. I use a mac running El Capitan.


      Normally I shoot and import jpg files from my Nikon D5300, but thought I'd experiment shooting RAW. However, despite the fact that the camera is supported and Adobe's help pages confirm there shouldn't be a problem, the files won't import direct from the memory card.  Lightroom displays thumbnail visuals of the photos - as usual - but then up comes the error message, that the files have not been imported because they could not be read. Neither will the NEF files copy as DNG on to the hard drive.


      I've gone through all the settings and spent hours reading forums.  I know I will probably have to convert the files but it would be great if it just worked. What is the problem here?!