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    "Original" files


      Man, is getting help difficult with Adobe. I had a telephone conversation about a week ago and the tech scheduled a phone call the next morning with a higher level technician to solve the problem. No-one ever called and now the case is closed. Not happy.


      LR is copying all the photos from my original files into the same folder as it puts the dng files. Therefore, when I Export to original file location, the exported photos do NOT go to my original files. They go to the folder with all the dng files, thereby causing me more work and greatly increasing the amount of data on my external hard drive. PLEASE tell me how to stop this. I want my original files in their own location, the dng files in a location with the catalog and I want to Export to MY original file location, not one that LR decides to make by duplicating every photo.

      Thank you

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional


          If you export to Same folder as original photo, then the exported files will be in the same folder as the raw files.

          If you want to export to a different folder, choose Specific folder, and point Lightroom to the folder you want, by clicking Choose ...

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Sounds like you have two problems here.


            Per has you covered for where you want to export you edits.


            As for moving your photos during import, "copy" will do that. If you want your files left where they are, you need to use the "add" option during the import.

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              PawsAndCues Level 1

              Thank you Per and Joe.

              I just tried using Add but when I do that I cannot use Keywords and choose where the dng files go. That whole section disappears. My guts tell me that there is a setting that I had on my old computer that is not set on this new one. Let me go backwards to explain how I like it and how LR used to work. Let's say that I took a bunch of flower photos and they are all in a folder labelled 041516. I import these (RAW files) using copy as dng and choose the destination file "Lightroomphotos/flowers". On export I choose Export to Same folder as original folder (with a sub folder titled LR Processed). That would be the folder named 041516. And that is the way it always was until I reloaded CC on my new laptop.

              But what is happening when I do that process is that a copy jpg of the photo is put in the "Lightroomphotos/flowers" folder AND the exported, developed file goes into the LR Proessed folder under "Lightroomphotos/flowers".

              I am quite sure I always imported using Copy as dng. 
              Do either of you have any other thoughts? Can I delete those extra "original" photos that end up in "Lightroomphotos/flowers"?

              Thanks for your thoughts.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional
                On export I choose Export to Same folder as original folder (with a sub folder titled LR Processed). That would be the folder named 041516.

                This is not correct. 

                You have imported from your folder or 'raw' images (041516) and you have made the folder of (copy) DNG images to be the referenced folder of images that Lightroom knows about.

                So Lightroom now believes that the DNG folder is the 'Original' photos. (Lr does not reference the camera images in folder 041516)


                If you Export to the "Same folder as original photo"  then you are indeed exporting into the folder of DNG images.

                If you want the exports to go to folder 041516 then you have to specify that folder in the export dialog.


                Your workflow of "Copying" the Camera Raws folder to a DNG folder on your hard-drive, is doubling your storage needs. Most Lr users who wish to preserve the 'Out of camera' files would archive them to another physical location (not on the internal drive).

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                  PawsAndCues Level 1

                  Robert, thank you. Why was it always the other way until I changed computers? I hear what you are saying but for 1 1/2 years I have not had this problem. All of my photos are already  on the same external drive. Why does one lose the ability to put in keywords, choose a destination drive, etc if one chooses Add?


                  This is so very frustrating to me. If I had learned LR this way, it would be one thing but I have used it for some time and it has worked the way I described. Why the change?

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                    PawsAndCues Level 1

                    What it used to do and what the label says is Copy as dng, not copy and make a dng. That is what is irritating.

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      PawsAndCues wrote:


                      What it used to do and what the label says is Copy as dng, not copy and make a dng. That is what is irritating.

                      But that is precisely what the "Copy as DNG" option does. During the import process the images are converted to DNG files. Contrary to your observations, this is how it has always worked. If you decide to save a backup copy during the import process, the original raw files will be put in the backup location. However, the designated destination folder will contain DNG copies of the raw files. Yes, that really is how it has always worked.

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                        WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                        I agree with Jim, Post#7


                        In general terms-


                        The "Copy" option (Copy, or Copy as DNG) is designed to pull images from a camera, an SD or CF card, a USB stick, Card reader.

                        So the operating system gets a chance to alter info, like filename & keywords, at the same time as the files are copied and written to the hard-drive permanent storage destination.


                        The "Add" option caters for image files that are already resident in a folder on the hard-drive where it is intended that they remain.

                        Many people use other software to place their images in a folder and even apply keywords, (eg. Photo Mechanic?) so LR only needs to make references to the photos in the catalog. The image files are not modified or touched, only 'read'. Re-naming and key-wording can be applied at any time later.


                        In the forums we occasionally see people who have used the "Copy" option to import photos that are already on the hard-drive. (As you are doing- raw>DNG) This results in the two folders of the same images leading to confusion-"Where are my images?".

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                          PawsAndCues Level 1

                          Thank you all.

                          I do see that the definition of Copy as dng includes making a jpg copy.

                          If I use Copy only, it imports as a NEF file and I then have to convert to dng. I also realize that, even though it shows me only the raw files to import, because there are also the jpg files in addition to the raw (someday I'll stop taking both but not yet), it is somehow placing those jpgs in the destination folder (yes, even with Copy only). If I move the raw files into a separate origin folder, this does not happen.

                          That seems a weird extra step but it solves the extra storage issue.


                          I can guarantee you that the exported files never went to the destination folder previously. I know you know your stuff but I also know what has been on my computer. Thank you for your ideas. They prompted me to try lots of options to come up with a solution that is not as efficient as it should be but which works. I'm off now to delete all those extra photo copies!