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    After Effects Project- warning: reading past end of file (won't open)


      Hi all!


      I'm having some issues opening up an After Effects project in AE CC 2015.2 Release. I'm working on a 2010 Mac Pro, with El Capitan. The project was working fine until I closed it and saved. A few days later when I tried to open, it won't work. Whenever I try opening the project I get the following error messages...


      1. After Effects warning: Reading past end of file

      2. After Effects warning: Unable to read project color settings. Color settings reset to factory defaults.

      3. After effects error: chunk in file too big -- probably unsupported file version. (33::7)


      I've tried creating a new project and importing through there. I can't open any of the auto-saved projects. I tried moving all of the files linked to the projects to a new folder. In the project that won't open, I believe I did have some projects that were CS6 files, but I thought moving those files would help out.  I also tried reinstalling After Effects. I did install a Premium Grades filter from Premium Beat, but I don't have any other plug-ins really, and haven't messed with the preferences since reinstalling. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.


      Any help would be much appreciated! Let me know if I can help with any other info. Thank you so much!