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    Pasting replacing text w/o losing formatting?

    sdcinvan Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have just discovered a big flaw in either my understanding of InDesign (latest CC version) or InDesign itself.


      Optional background information

      Because I am the only editor and there is no OS agnostic collaborative tool for InDesign, all draft work is completed in Google Docs. Usually, I don't begin to transfer and format an InDesign document until the gDocs draft is completed and signed off. However, in this case, about 60% of the draft document changed after I had already completed the 'final' version of the InDesign copy.


      I am trying to copy Google Document text into an already formatted InDesign document. In many cases, a few words have changed within a whole paragraph but it is easier and more accurate to simply replace the entire paragraph.


      The problem is, pasting the text from Google messes of the InDesign formatting EVERY time and using every method that I know of...

      I tried:

      • Pasting to Notepad (to remove any embedded formatting) then copying from Notepad into InDesign.
      • Pasting (from either Google or Notepad) into the InDesign Story Editor - I thought for sure, that would work!


      Then I thought... what if I needed to do localization (that is actually coming within a year). But as a result of searching on InDesign localization methods, I am left extremely worried that even InDesign localization isn't very straight forward, like every other editing tool on Earth.


      But back to my main problem... there must be a way to replace text without disturbing the text and paragraph formatting.



      Thank you, your help will be a life-saver.