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    Got any advice for working with Chinese text?

    kyriosity Level 1

      A client of mine had one of his books translated into Chinese, and wanted me to do the layout. I told him no because A) I don't know Chinese, and I know how much I depend on being able to read the text to make sure the layout is correct, and B) I thought it might require some sort of plugin or extension to be able to handle the Hanzi. This is why telephones are terrible. I gave my initial reaction when put on the spot, but now that I've had time to think about it, I'm not sure it was the right answer. Email would have allowed me to think, then talk, rather than the other way 'round! Issue A isn't likely to get solved in this lifetime, but is it something that I should just be brave and try to do, or is my instinct correct that I wouldn't be able to do a competent job without some working knowledge of the language? Is issue B is even true, and, if so, what additional tools would I need?


      I'd appreciate any advice. And I know my client would love to get a call saying I'd changed my mind!