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    Help! Keywords and modifications to my photos suddenly missing in Lightroom 5.7



      I have a tricky problem with my Lightroom 5.7 for which I really hope to receive a solution.


      I just noticed that some of the keywords and modifications I have done to my photos have disappeared. By modifications I mean things that you do in the Develop view, such as adjusting lightness, contrast, saturation and noise reduction.They just don't show up in Lightroom anymore even though I know I have modified these photos. Also when I try to export those photos, the changes that I have once done are not there.


      This problem appears only with some of my folders, 16 folders out of hundreds to be exact. 15 of those folders are located side by side on the folder view, and one folder is in another place. In most folders both the keywords and the modifications of all the photos have disappeared. In a few folders the keywords have miraculously stayed while only the modifications have vanished.


      I don't know when this problem has started or occurred. Nowadays I use Windows 10, but a month ago I still had Windows 8. I don't know if changing to Windows 10 could have something to do with this. All the disappeared modifyings were done before the Windows 10 update, but then again so were hundreds of other modifications which haven't disappeared. The folders are located on an external hard drive on which I store all my photos.


      Does anyone have an idea of what I could do to restore the disappeared keywords and modifications on the photos? I would really appreciate your help.

      I have already tried synchronizing the folders and changing the USB portal on which my external hard drive is attached to, but with no results.


      I have done several back-ups of my Lightroom as it always suggests when closing the program, but restoring a back-up would probably lose all my newer doings on Lightroom, so I'm reluctant on using that option.