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    Lightroom CC is not recognizing my RAW or .CR2 Files


      Hoping someone can help me.  I am brand new to the world of LR, and am probably missing something fairly simple.  I have a Canon T5i.  I have tried a few times, and from two different computers, to import my pictures.   Both directly from the camera, and then placing them in a folder and then importing that way.  LR will read my .jpg's, but not the raw's.  It says "THIS IMAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE" in the preview pane of Library, but if I hover over the picture it will give the details, like date/time, file name, etc.  I would really appreciate any help as this has really got me frustrated.


      Thanks in advance!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          For other uses to assist you, some questions-

          What Operating System and version?

          What exact version of Lightroom are you using?  (Look in the {Help>About>Adobe Photoshop Lightroom} at the top of the dialog)

          What are the EXACT words of the error message?

          What is the Destination you have set to place your photos?  (if using the {Copy} option)

          Where are your photos that you are trying to Import?

          Do you understand about 'Permissions' for Read/Write folder properties?