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    Time-remapping: in CS6 why doesn't it appear interpolated in AE or Premiere?

    Guy Burns Level 1

      I'm using CS6 under OSX 10.6.8. I've never been able to view a time-remapped clip, properly interpolated, in either AE or in Premiere (when I've linked from Premiere to AE via "Replace with AE Composition").


      The only way I can see a properly interpolated clip, in either AE or Premiere, is via rendering from AE to a new video file.


      I asked this question on the Premiere forum, and it seems clear that in CC2015, things work correctly. See Re: Can an After Effects Linked Composition retain time remapping?


      What I'd like to know about AE is:


      Ques 1

      Has there been a change in AE (or Premiere) since CS6, that now allows proper linking of Time-Remapping?


      Ques 2

      Another possibility: does AE (CS6) allow proper interpolation and linking, but I haven't ticked the right boxes?


      Ques 3

      Are there any other effects that can be applied in AE which will only appear correctly after rendering?