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    New Editing Laptop Questions


      Hi All,


      I'm searching for a new editing laptop in the $4 - 5K range.


      I'd like to stick with Win 7 Pro-64 and PP CS5.

      My work involves 2 - 10 minute training vids without too much effects but with some multi-cam work.


      Does anyone know why I'm being told by Xotic PC tech support that I can't run Windows 7 on an M.2 NVMe SSD?


      Also, does PP CS5 benefit in any way from dual GTX 980's? I only ask this because I'm partial to the MSI Titan Series with an 18.4" screen and dual 980's is the only way the Titan is available. They offer 2 x 980M (8GB) and also 2 x Full 980 (8GB) (not M)


      Thanks for any help here

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Did you know that CS5 (and CS5.5 and CS6) cannot use more than a single GPU for MPE GPU acceleration? The second GPU will be almost totally wasted with such older versions of Premiere.


          Also, ditch the CS5 in favor of a newer version since it is no longer being updated by Adobe for newer PCs. As such, CS5 cannot come anywhere close to fully utilizing the architecture of even a old-generation Kepler (GeForce 600-series) GPU, let alone a Maxwell (GeForce 900-series) GPU. It was developed before the first Fermi (GeForce 400-series) GPUs ever came to market - when the now-EOL'd Tesla-architecture GPUs (GeForce 8, GeForce 9 and GeForce 200).GPUs were current. In fact, trying to run CS5 on a system with such a newer 900-series GPU may force you to run the program in MPE software-only mode (no GPU acceleration) to minimize the risk of program crashes.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Since you are really not hardware knowledgeable I would suggest you contact one of our forum members Eric Bowen of ADK to have him build you a guaranteed custom laptop for your specific requirements.



            You might want to refer your techie to this article.  About booting from it I do not know.  But why waste a real fast device for booting, just use any good SATA III SSD for booting and save your fast device for Premiere files that can use it