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    Maximising Panel Shortcut Doesn't Work (Norwegian OS X Keyboard)?


      So, I'd love a keyboard shortcut for maximising a panel, and as After Effects' documentation says, that's `, the grave accent key. By default this key gives me ´, but ` when holding shift. However, the way it works is it "selects" that character with a yellow background (to accent the next character), and when I something that doesn't work, like space, it's deselected. My keyboard is a compact, Norwegian Apple keyboard. In After Effects (Exclusively), this white bar, as seen in the image below, appears in the bottom of the screen once I press the ´-key (Left of delete), as well as ¨ (left to upper part of enter).

      Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 18.26.17.png

      No idea how to get this shortcut working, welp?