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    Cannot log in to document cloud from my mobile


      Since I have Android I’ve been downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader app from the Playstore and linking my mobile to Document Cloud, where I have several files. I've never had any trouble, up to now, when I recently changed my mobile. Now, I can’t log in from my mobile nor link my mobile to document cloud. I can open files with the app, ergo, the app works. But when I try to log in to get my files, the app gives me a message to check my connection (which I had tested and I have). If I want to check it out with Chrome from my mobile, I have the same trouble and a time out error message is given. But I can log in to document cloud from my PC. I have never had this problem when I changed mobiles before and I don’t understand why I have it now. Any ideas?  I will appreciate any kind of help.


      * I speak Spanish, so my apologies in advance if I couldn’t make myself clear..