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    Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation

    fedecolli Level 1

      my problem is described at this link (Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation ) BUT I can't solve it anyway...


      The key sentence at this link is "If I have activated ADE without an ID, is there a way to activate with an Adobe ID and continue reading books fulfilled using the anonymous account, and also move the books to other devices? The answer is YES, but there is a catch. You can achieve it, by creating a new Adobe ID and activate ADE again directly without de-authorizing the existing anonymous account. "


      What I did, instead?

      I installed Adobe Digital Editions to download an ebook (from an ".acsm" file that I purchased); after installation ADE asked to me an AdobeID... well, that was my first ebook and I decided to use an ANONYMOUS ACTIVATION.

      After download, my ".epub" file was longer that legible on my PC, but to read it on my ebook reader (SONY PRS-T1) I needed an AdobeID.
      So I made an account on Adobe site and I went back on ADE but here's my error: I DE-AUTHORIZED THE EXISTING ANONYMOUS ACCOUNT, and tried to log with my fantastic new AdobeID.

      But nothing... I made many attempts to re-authorized in anonymous mode, to use a second AdobeID and so on...but now I can't read my ".epub" file because "Document is licensed for a different user account"

      What can I do?
      Please help me: I have a book I've never read...


      I apologyze for my foreign english and I hope I've explained myself well