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    How to sync full resolution images to Lightroom Mobile?


      As the question already says, I want to sync full resolution images to Lightroom Mobile.

      I know about the 2560 pixel limitation on the long side of the image but it's not really clear for me why this is still in place.

      Is there a way to turn this limitation off?


      I now that with the latest update (2.2) Lightroom Mobile can sync full resolution images to the desktop but why not the other way around?

      I really love the other Adobe apps, like Adobe Photoshop Fix (Mobile app) and Photoshop Mix (Mobile app) and I would really like to create compositions with my Lightroom Photos, but I would like to do this in full resolution.

      So I would like to

      • be able to use my synced Lightroom Mobile photos in full resolution in other apps like Photoshop Fix / Mix or Adobe Comp CC
        (The apps are able to handle higher resolution images because I can use the original photos as well),
      • and be able to order large prints of my photos with other apps. (Especially for this part I depend on the full resolution)
      • Furthermore if I send my created work from Photoshop Fix / Mix to the desktop I'm stuck with the low resolution result.


      So how should I adapt my workflow? Or is an update for Lightroom Classic CC — The desktop-focused app in progress?