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    Interactive pdf is not working when it's exported. (Videos and buttons)




      I'm trying to make an interactive pdf. I have Youtube linked videos and buttons to navigate pictures. But when I exported with interactive pdf it doesn't working.


      Videos: With EPUB preview it's working but not with SWF preview. but again, when i exported to pdf(interactive) it's not working. No error messages or anything, It's just not working.  I copied embed code from Youtube and pasted. (I wanted to use Media panel with 'Place video from URL' but it keeps making error that says 'The URL must start with http:// or rtmp:// and must end with valid video file extension').


      Buttons: I have multiple pictures to show, so I used Object State panel and created buttons. it's working in both EPUB and SWF preview, but when I exported to pdf (interactive) it is not!!


      Although hyperlinks and imported local video are working, linked video and buttons are not working.


      I'm using Indesign CC 2015 and Adobe Acrobat DC




      Please help!!!!