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    buttons invisible

    Swami Hafiz
      Dear all,
      I have made a director movie for self-improvement ("Using What Is" - if interested look at http://www.thepowerofinnertruth.com/) years ago and I think it has been distributed as freeware a few thousand times - never somebody complained. It is running on Mac Mac OS X, WIN 98, 2000, XP, even on Linux.
      Now a customer has the following problem: two buttons don't appear where they are supposed to. They are invisible. I have a script which allows to push ENTER and you wouldn't need the button, but this also does not work!

      The original distribution is with dirapi.dll, iml32.dll etc., so I have made a special projector for her Windows XP - to no avail.

      Has anybody ever heard of such a thing? I am very baffled.

      Swami Hafiz