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    No download from purchased images!


      Two things I have a problem with...


      1. Can't download images that are already purchased in my licensed folder! My cache or cookies are all clear... tried another browser, tried logging in and out nothing works!


      2. Two days ago when I just signed up here, I clicked on many images thinking they are going to a folder, but they were licensed instead! I asked for help in a similar thread, but got no response from anyone! Now I have 3 pages full of images that I didn't want to purchase yet. I want my credits back!


      But in any case, I can't even download anything from my licensed folder, the 1 image I just genially purchased that I need to download NOW can't be downloaded! Please help asap as I am on the project deadline! And since dollar photo sent me here I am a little annoyed of the confusing license buttons vs folders and no response from admin on this for two days!


      I also tried to go to contact support, and it said that I can't call and sent me back to forums here and to FAQ.

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          yadirad92535990 Level 1

          I was also sent here from Dollar Photo Club and I am having the same problem. Someone please help!

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            yadirad92535990 Level 1


            I actually figured out how to download the images to your computer. Here are the steps .


            1) Go to Adobe Stock

            2) Go to the top of your screen and click on your name. Select License History.

            3) Once in your License History select the image you want to download by clicking on the ID number witch is in blue.

            4) That will take you to the page that shows the image. There on the right of the image you will see the option to save to your computer.


            That is it. I will insert some images. I still liked Dollar Photo Club better since it was faster and easier to work with.

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              vgplus Level 1

              Yes, I figured this way as well yesterday! Its great that you inserted images, it will help others as well! I just don't understand why they can't make it easier and have a download button right on the licensed page next to each purchased image...


              And me too.... I will miss DFC for the exact reasons!