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    Why does´nt  the form work - Here´s the code

      In navigation.swf there is a moviceclip called mcForm

      The code in the mcForm:
      Frame 1:
      System.useCodepage = true;
      Frame 2:
      if (skickat eq "ja") {
      Frame 3:

      Frame 4 with label start:

      The code on the “send” button in mcForm in navigation.swf:
      on (release) {
      loadVariables(" http://www.homesit.se/phpmail.php", "", "GET");
      _parent.play();//This statement is not the problem.

      Here´s phpmail.php:


      $rubrik = "Mail from your homesite";
      $text = "$name have send a mail from you homesite.

      He/She wrote this:

      mail($dinmail, $rubrik, $text,

      Folders on my server:
      The phpmail.php is in the root in a subfolder called flash_content
      The navigation.swf file is in the same subfolder (flash_content)

      I must place the form in a movieclip, because the form is doing a nice tweening made by Laco tweening method.

      I appreciate every answer.