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    Adobe Premier 14


      I used to have Premier 13.1. No problems with that program. Needed to install a new hard drive. Tried to re-install 13.1. Too difficult. Ended up paying to install 14.0. Now I can't open my old files.

      This is garbage. They are making it too difficult for casual users, even after one pays for the next(better?) version. Nobody to call and talk to. Makes me want to find a program with better phone support.

      Anyone who can help?


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Do you still have the serial number for 13.1?  If so, there can be plenty of help here for getting it installed.  To start, you can download the installation file from here:  Download Adobe Premiere Elements 14, 13, 12, 11, 10


          You can install 13 along side of 14 on the same computer.  They won't conflict.  You can open the old projects on the older software and build new projects on the newer software. 


          You are correct, new versions don't open projects from old versions.  You are also correct that there is little telephone support.  Adobe, like other companies, can't provide teams of employees in cubicles that have $100 per hour skills to solve problems for software that provides half that in revenue.  

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            Kamna Yadav Adobe Employee

            Hello Eric,


            We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Can you please share the issue that you might be facing when uninstalling PRE 13? Also, what are the issues being caused when opening older version files?




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              ericg5250576 Level 1

              Hi Kamna:

              As per the above recommendation, I have now also re-installed the old 13 version and subsequently the 13.1 version. That has allowed me to open the older projects after a few tries.

              I have not yet worked with the new 14 program but hope that it will function as well as the previous 13 version.

              I appreciate your follow-up.


              Eric G.