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    Export bug?

    Triynko Level 1
      I have an object in my library that is exported for actionscript. Export in first frame is UNchecked.
      I placed an instance of the object on the root timeline on Frame 3.

      Despite this, the object is not included in the movie, and is not accessable from actionscript.
      I'm positive it is on the timeline (always).
      If I check export in first frame, then it works fine.

      Is it a bug?

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          Triynko Level 1
          Nevermind. I moved the frame with the "dummy" instances of the exported objects (frame 3) in front of the frame that uses the exported objects (frame 2). So now frame 2 has the dummies and frame 3 actually invokes them in actionscript.

          The behavior is very strange, and still might be a bug. By including instances, the objects should be included in the swf. So they should be accessible from any frame once the movie is fully loaded, yet they are accessible only if they appear on a frame before the frame you are accessing them in actionscript. It doesn't make sense.