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    preloader and sound in the main movie

    gilly75 Level 1
      Hi, my flash movie has 2 scenes, the first being the preloader, and the second being the sequence animation, with a sound clip in the background. The complete swf ends up being 410kb.

      My first problem is that when testing the preload, nothing appears on screen straight away, and looking at the bandwidth profiler, there is instantly 110kb on the first frame. Im not sure how this is possible, coz my preload animation is only about 2-3kb. So im thinking for some reason it is trying to play the audio immediately, even though i dont call the audio till scene 2.

      My second problem is that once the preload finishes, and goes to scene 2, it is not opening my movie clip at the right point. its opening 75 frames in. (you can test this by looking at the animation in scene 2 and comparing this to what opens when you go to 'test movie').I have a feeling this could be due to the first problem.

      My flash file is 6mb, so ive left a download link if anyone could open it up and have a look at what the problem is.
      Im using flash 8 pro.