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    TabNavigator Child Control Problem on Programmatic SelectedIndex Change

      I've got a TabNavigator that contains another TabNavigator as a child control on its second page. On the child TabNavigator there's a ViewStack and a couple of Accordion controls. On my first parent tab I've got a Button that, when clicked, programmatically changes the selectedIndex of the parent TabNavigator to display the contents of the second tab (which contains the child TabNavigator).

      I'm finding that when the index of the TabNavigator is changed programmatically, all of the controls in the child TabNavigator are stacked on top of each other and overlapping as though the Flash player has no clue how to display these child controls. Once I click through each tab on the child TabNavigator, they appear intact. If I click the Button to change the tab again, all of the controls will be jumbled and stacked.

      This problem happens 100% of the time. I've changed every single control in my app to creationPolicy="all" to no avail. Anybody experienced this or know what to do?