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    Saving After Effects files to the CC for use on other machines.

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      I've very very new to After Effects, thus I'm sure there is a simple solution to my question.  I recently attempted to save an After Effects file to Dropbox for easy transfer to another machine, however when I went to open said file on the new machine, many parts of the file were missing (png's, fonts, scripts etcs...).  I suspect the reason for this is because the png's, and fonts were being used by AE as they were stored on the original machines, and were not actually imported (or copied) into the AE file, therefore when I went to open the file on the new machine the files were missing as they were not installed on the new machine (is this correct?).  If I'm saving AE files to the creative cloud will I run into this problem? Will I be able to open the AE files on another machine that does not have the reference fonts, png's, jpeg's etc...available?