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    Call function in moviescript


      I have multiple functions in my moviescript, i want to call on them without having to create a script like this:

      on mouseWithin me

      I have functions like moveLeft, moveRight, moveUp, moveDown etc. How can i use one script who will change the called on function? For pNum i use:

      on getPropertyDescriptionList me
      pList = [:]
      pList.addProp(#pNum, [#format: #integer, #default: 1, #comment: "enter number"])
      return pList

      But this won't work for the choice of function.

      Who can help?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Can you put this question into context? What are you trying to achieve?

          It sounds as if you are looking for something like this...

          property command

          on mouseUp(me)
          do command
          end mouseUp

          on getPropertyDescriptionList(me)
          vPropertyList = [:]

          vPropertyList[ \
          #command] = [ \
          #comment: "Command (may cause a script error)", \
          #format: #string, \
          #default: "alert "&QUOTE&"command executed"&QUOTE]

          return vPropertyList
          end getPropertyDescriptionList

          ... but I am not sure why you should want to work that way.