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    reducing file size (LOCKED)


      I am running Adobe ACROBAT PRO V. 10.1.16 on an iMac running on OSX 10.11.4 w 8 GB memory.  I have been using the software for years, but only on this computer for a few months, since I bought the hardware. I am now having trouble with reducing file size on the pdf's I create.


      If I take an Office document, (Word or Power Point, for example) and save as a pd, it used to be consistently possible to reduce the file size either by:

      1. Going to FILE>SAVE AS>REDUCED SIZE PDF or,



      Now neither of these works anymore. I can still go to those commands, and implement them, but the software just does nothing - nothing happens - no little bar telling me it is doing things like it used to, no new file created where it asked me to store it - NOTHING!


      Any suggestions?


      Would love to get this (for me) critical feature back again. Is it s function of the hardware? Something this software doesn't like about the OS?




      Tony Blair