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    Need Right Click Button

      I'm building a Captivate simulation that the user is required to take full part in, including clicking all menus, typing in fields, etc. I am creating Flash animations to more closely mimic drop-down menus than Captivate doesn't handle well. It's working great but I've run into a fundamental problem that I think I'll probably see often.

      It's an easy enough thing in a Captivate simulation to drop a click box over a drop-down button, and then in the next frame to insert a Flash re-enactment of the drop-down menu. But what if the interface requires you to right-click to open the menu from which to choose your selection? Captivate does not include right-click among the options for activating a click box, and Flash does not appear to have an option for using right click to activate a button.

      Any help?