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    Batch Process Change Canvas Size Buggy

      I have 300+ products shots that need to go up to our website. Using FW CS3 I was able to resize and optimize both full size images and the thumbnails. The issue is due to our website setup the thumbnails are expected to be exactly 100x100. If the canvas size is irregular the image gets stretched or squeezed when served up on the site.

      So I created a custom action to set the canvas size to 100 x 100 with a white background and to expand from the center out. When I run this manually everything is ducky. But when I add it to my batch process the actual content of the thumbnails moves from image to image. Some items are centered fine, some are too far left or too far right (or high,low) some are shifted so much that they are actually cut off to the left or right. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

      Here is how the batch is set up:
      It grabs the original file ( a press resolution PSD file) and fit to size to 100 x 100. Then I run the command to set canvas size to 100x100 white background. And then it exports it to optimized jpeg. I have tried running the actions separately. And when I just run the fit to size and optimization as a batch the thumbs look fine no weird positioning. So I know it is the command.

      Any ideas?