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    after "edit in photoshop", how to get the image back into lightroom?

    nutmix5 Level 1

      In LR, you can right click on an image and say "edit in" then "edit in Photoshop CC 14".


      Then it asks if you want to edit the original or a copy.  I say copy.  LR then creates a virtual copy, and launches the image in Photoshop.


      After you finish editing, you hit save (or exit), and it asks to save as a new file name, which you just hit OK.


      Now back in LR, no changes have been made to the copy, and your Photoshop changes are not in LR. I see other people have the same issue.


      The fact that PS and LR have no seamless integration, and getting edited photos back into LR is so difficult, for the last 2 years I simply dont use it, even though I pay for both.  It is a huge shame that LR and PS have so many sophisticated features, but cant even share a file.


      I dont expect an answer, as others have not received a solution, but I am must venting my frustration and hope that perhaps, one day, they will add this feature.


      There is no workaround for this issue. If you try to manually import the newly edited file, it fails - e.g. you go back into library mode (which is slow), then you say "import", then you use the file navigator to drill down back to your source directory (very slow), then you find the file created by PS, and try to import it, it says "The file could not be read" - LR cant open PS files.  I can, of course, then open PS, open the file, then save the file as a jpg, then go through the whole slow manual import process again, but this is simply too much time.