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    LR CC library folder structure changed


      I have my image files on 2 HDDs in a thunderbolt-connected enclosure outside of my MacPro 2013. I recently had to disconnect the enclosure temporarily to troubleshoot why my MacPro would not shutdown properly. Before the troubleshooting my image files were shown correctly as independent HDDs in the LR Library folder hierarchy. After reconnecting the enclosure I find the my formerly independent HDDs are now listed as subfolders under "Volumes" of my primary (and only) onboard HDD on the MacPro. Finder shows my independent drives as separate drives as they should be once the enclosure was connected again. All the folders seem to be correct in the LR Library but the independent HDDs are no longer listed as such, but as subfolders to the "Volumes" subfolder of my primary MacPro drive. How do I get back to my original drive and folder structure?