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    FEATURE REQUEST: Ability To Disable Sync To CC


      Using Adobe Premier clip but have found the upload to cloud is not workable for me. My projects have a number of sources that would total to about 8GB which will not complete uploading to the Cloud via wifi on my iPad.


      Can you please add the ability to disable sync to CC.

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          I've the same problems, though with uploading to Premiere Pro. At first the app worked very well and syncing was easily done. However, now it takes ages to sync, meaning I can't finalise my video in Premiere Pro on time.


          What makes it that syncing takes so long?

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            I completely relate to this. I live in Alaska and our internet services are so terrible that it makes this app a huge hassle to use. And although I prefer Adobe Premiere Clip. I often just use the Samsung video editing software because it doesn't require me to turn off the internet (causing me to lose important services).  As far as using this over a data plan: You'd have to pay $500 a month for a data plan that wouldn't obliterate your available gigabytes if you plan on editing more than a few times a month.  Its a little unrealistic, I think, for most people.  The option to simply turn off sync makes so much sense on multiple levels.  I would personally use the app much more often.  Otherwise its great software!  Thanks.