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    File open failed - message




      I need help urgently.

      I have bought a bunch of books this weekend for my birthday and out of the 30 books I bought from Booktopia 4 have downloaded fine to my ereader and I can open and access them. The others which I did exactly the same way aren't opening and come up with the error message File open failed. What does that mean and how do I fix it? I was on it for hours downloading them last night and have re sent them from Booktopia today which I can open and access all the books in Digital Editions on Adobe but I want them all to be accessible on my ereader so I can read in bed and on on the train going to & from work.

      As it's the long weekend here in Australia I can't get to talk to anyone at Booktopia to see if its an issue at there end and don't know how to contact someone in Adobe. I go back to work full time from tomorrow and would like to try fix the problem today if I can.