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    Help with Spine Allowance


      I am having portfolio books printed in landscape format and cloth bound and I have been told by the printers that as well as a 3mm bleed that I need to have a spine allowance of 35mm. This is not for a front cover, just pages as I have not designed my own and it will be hardback. I have no problem with the 3mm bleed as I fixed that with document setting but I have no idea how to allow for the spine or where I would even find the settings to do that and I don't have time to create a new document as it's a 140 page book. Any help would be appreciated if you have any ideas of how I would go about doing this.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Are you going to have a loose printed jacket on your case bound book? If so you need to know the width of the case. If you're having a large printing quantity maybe you can ask for a dummy book to be made up using the materials the book will be printed on, otherwise get the printer to provide the width. Also consider whether you want the case blocked on the spine and/or the front cover.


          Don't forget to consider the end-papers – are they to be plain or printed?

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            Spine Allowance means to ensure that image and text in the middle of a spread layout are not too close to the center. Elements to close to the center may be cut off from view in finished bound product. This link has an illustration of a perfect bound book and shows how an image could be cut off in the center.


            What this means for you is to set guides or inside margin on your document, and inspect content and determine if anything would need adjusted.

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              rebeccam12556818 Level 1

              How exactly do I set the inside margin? I found a tutorial which told me to go to the document setup but on mine it does not have a margins option, just bleed and slug.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                On an already-existing document, changes to margins are made from the Layout menu under Margins and Columns.