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    transforming  illustrator files

    Suzan.V Level 1

      Hi all,


      i was wondering if someone can help me about my case with .ai files


      i have many files need to be translated from LTR to RTL languages, so i have to open each file  and do folllowing steps so i'm asking if it possible to it by a script or code


      Open the AI file on Illustrator CC

      From Select menu Select > Object > point type objects



      Then Type > Convert to Area type



      Select all (Ctrl+A);then go to transform Panel and flip the file as Horizontal flip





      Select> Object> All text Objects





      From Paragraph Panel change the text composer and paragraph direction to(Middle eastern and right to left).





      Object > Transform > Transform Each




      elect the Reflect X with reference point as Center point




      i hope someone can help me about that badly, even if paid help can contact me private


      i got a code to transform objects as total matrix abut i couldn't go through after that


      var totalMatrix = app.getScaleMatrix(-100,100); 

      newGroup = app.activeDocument.groupItems.add(); 


      for ( a = app.activeDocument.layers[0].pageItems.length-1; a > 0; a-- ) 






      Thanks in advance