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    Ink & Slide as a regular Stylus?

    dreamerworx Level 1



      I love this product! Just one thing so far, there isn't an Android version.



      Still, with that being said, I think that the Pen is better than 95% of the Android tablet styluses. It looks comfortable, the tip doesn't block out hundreds of pixels, the quality of production is awesome, etc. 


      Which brings me to my question - Will the Pen work as a regular stylus on an Android tablet/phablet/phone? I am not interested in software, apps, the Slide, other features. I am just wondering if this could be just an awesome looking, comfortable, SMALL-TIPPED stylus that I can utilize for my specific Android note-taking/sketching/whatever needs.


      Maybe this has been discussed before, but I failed to find it. If so, I apologize.



      Thank you in advance!

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          kirker Level 4

          Hey dreamerworx!

          I was able to pair my Ink with my Galaxy Tap A (turn Ink on, go to Bluetooth in settings, choose your Ink device). It worked pretty well in multiple sketch apps on Android. At the end of the day, Ink is a bluetooth stylus and you should be able to connect it to bluetooth devices. However, Ink was designed to work best with the Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop Mix and was also designed for the iPad. If you face issues on an Android device, contact Adonit here.

          Let me know if that helps!


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            dreamerworx Level 1

            Well, I am planning to use it with a HUAWEI P8 MAX, and the INKredible and Bamboo Paper apps in particular. My question I guess was, would it work just as a stylus, and not turned on, bluetooth or anything, just as a regular capacitive stylus.


            Only one way to find out I guess   19,99$ is a steal for such a full featured device, even if I am using it just as a cool stylus


            Thank you, kirker

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              kirker Level 4

              Hi again, dreamerworx,

                    Thanks for the reply! To get into the functionality as a normal stylus, I would advise that you contact Adonit with this link. You will find a support e-mail address near the bottom of the page. They take care of the hardware support. Just my two cents: when I tried to use the stylus without Bluetooth, it didn't work. Thanks and feel free to post again!


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                prasad1287 Level 1



                Just curious if you purchased Ink and Slide and were you able to get it working with other apps like, say OneNote?