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    Ink & Slide as a regular Stylus?




      I love this product! Just one thing so far, there isn't an Android version.



      Still, with that being said, I think that the Pen is better than 95% of the Android tablet styluses. It looks comfortable, the tip doesn't block out hundreds of pixels, the quality of production is awesome, etc. 


      Which brings me to my question - Will the Pen work as a regular stylus on an Android tablet/phablet/phone? I am not interested in software, apps, the Slide, other features. I am just wondering if this could be just an awesome looking, comfortable, SMALL-TIPPED stylus that I can utilize for my specific Android note-taking/sketching/whatever needs.


      Maybe this has been discussed before, but I failed to find it. If so, I apologize.



      Thank you in advance!