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    Change paragraph  direction

    Suzan.V Level 1

      Hi all,


      are there anyway to create a script can select all text objects in file and change their paragraph  directions to Right to left with composer (Middle Eastern every line)








      Thanks a lot

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          Qwertyfly... Level 4

          Mine does not have the Right-to-Left options, and I can't see mention of them in the documentation.



          this is my flyout menu.

          I recorded an action of me changing from Single-Line to Every-Line


          have a go recording an action an see if the Paragraph settings have the extra options present in your version of illy.

          I would be interested in seeing a comparison screen shot to the action shown above.

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            te_co Level 3

            @qwerty, the options show up if you enable Indic-Asian options under Preferences/Type


            i too wondered about this, but it does not show up in the javascript reference. what you can do is make a paragraph style and apply it with a script


            edit: just realized you have the arabic version. under Type in the menu bar there is an option to apply the middle eastern composer -  it applies to the whole document. it won't set your text right to left tho and i think it defaults to single line.

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              Qwertyfly... Level 4

              I did not realize these options are part of the normal illy.

              i'll have a play with them.

              it does not give me access to RighttoLeft options.


              the paragraph styles is a good idea and a workable solution.


              I say go with the Paragraph styles idea.

              it turns out even I have the option to set a paragraph style to be Right-to-Left. once the indic options in preferences are ticked


              though when I set a paragraph style R2L it only reverses the text if I also have the middleEastern Every-Line Composer ticked in the paragraph panel's flyout menu. (or something like that, it does not seem to be as logical as you would expect)



              none of this is a solution but gives us more to work with.

              I've never typed R2L and it makes my head hurt, getting old and stuck in my ways...

              Hope some of this helps, let me know how you go.

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                Ten A Adobe Community Professional

                We can set Middle East Language option, using below snipet:


                app.preferences.setBooleanPreference("AI WorldReadiness Dict Key",true);


                However, I could not find any properties about RighttoLeft options...