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    Controlling text vertical justification with styles (or similar)


      I'm laying out a 450 page document that is divided into about 20 separate chapters. Each of those chapters is subdivided into sections and each section starts with a heading that includes a page break. This means that some sections end with a few paragraphs of text on an otherwise empty page.


      Where pages are close to full of text I'd like to set the vertical justification to "justify" so that the leading/paragraph spacing is adjusted to put the top and bottom lines in uniform positions.


      Is there any way of doing this automatically and not having to manually turn the setting to "align: top" on pages without much text? (and so in which the setting looks ridiculous?)


      (I'm working wanting to be able to make changes to content by re-importing text for future versions without having to manually change the settings on every frame each time if there are major changes in the length of text etc).


      Thanks if you can help!