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    Should I use Lightroom Mobile to import photos from iPhone to Lightroom?

    McKelmon Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      Because I don't use Apple's Photos app on the Mac and instead rely on Lightroom, I have been using Lightroom Mobile to wirelessly sync photos from my iPhone to my desktop.  My question is, should I be using Lightroom Mobile to do this?  There's a couple of reasons why I ask the question:


      1. Files that are synced from my iPhone to Lightroom on my desktop appear to be stored a fairly anonymous package called "Mobile Downloads.lrdata" rather being imported into my normal file system organisation where, by default, photos are organised by date.  This clearly makes the photo files harder to find and suggests to me that they are not meant to be found.
      2. When I need to make space on my iPhone and need to remove photos that are stored in (both?) the Photos and Lightroom Mobile apps, I'm afraid that this will also remove the photos on my desktop.


      Most of my photos that have been synced from Lightroom Mobile have been "moved" into Collections in Lightroom.  I suspect this is why, if I connect my iPhone via its cable to my desktop and use the Import function, most photos show has having already been imported.  However, when I look at these imported photos in their Collections, their Folder remains the anonymous one within the "Mobile Downloads.lrdata" package, so again I worry that these have not really been imported and could easily disappear.


      So, am I using Lightroom Mobile wrong and, if so, how should I be getting photos from my iPhone into Lightroom on a Mac?


      Thanks for any feedback/suggestions - I confess I feel a bit of a numpty even having to ask the question...

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes this is the way to use LR Mobile.


          The photos from your device are stored in a system generated folder. You should also see them in Collections. If you select (highlight) a thumbnail in a sync’d collection it is possible to look in the metadata panel for the file path. The folder names usually have a strange string of numbers or letters but if click the right pointing arrow you will be taken to the folder on your computer OS. So these images will always remain on your computer and within LR desktop even if you delete the jpegs from your device.


          If you find the system generated folders confusing, you can specify a named folder or choose to create sub-folders by capture date.  You do that in prefs. Go to:


          Edit >> Preferences >> Lightroom Mobile (tab) on Windows

          Lightroom >> Preferences >> Lightroom Mobile (tab) on Mac


          You may be interested in updates to mobile on iOS devices that have been released enabling editing from Camera Roll. Go to this link:

          LR Mobile iOS 2.3 update

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            McKelmon Level 1

            Thanks very much for the confirmation and the additional information, particularly about how to get Lightroom Mobile to store its photos somewhere "normal".  I'm feeling much better about using the service now!