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    Window: "Adobe InDesign CC 2015 doesn't work anymore"


      I am currently using the Creative cloud and every prgram works just fine, except for InDesign.


      When I try to open InDesign I always get a window which says: "Adobe InDesign CC 2015 doesn't work anymore. There is a problem which causes the program to not work anymore. The program will be closed and there will be mentioned when a solution is available " with a button "Close program".


      I've tried to reinstall InDesign, but it didn't help.


      Photoshop and other programs from the cloud work just fine, but just inDesign won't run and I really don't know which can be the problem.


      Do any of you know the answer?


      P.S.: The window message was translated to English, so sorry if it sounds like gibberish.